Cosmetics Services Open in London

Cosmetic Services Open in London, KY!

Kentucky Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists will provide cosmetic services at their London dermatology office, starting Thursday, March 16. Kris Ann Moghadamian, PA-C, will be seeing cosmetic patients from 1-5 p.m. every third Thursday for four months: March 16; April 20; May 18; and June 15, with plans to continue and expand based on interest.

Owner & Medical Director, Dr. Clifton Smith said, “Our goal has always been to provide London, KY, and its surrounding communities, with a full-service skin care clinic, and with the addition of Moghadamian’s cosmetic office hours, we finally can.”

Moghadamian is a physician assistant at Kentucky Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists. Starting in 2013 seeing dermatology patients then expanding her services to cosmetics.  She is certified by the National Commission in Certification of Physician Assistants and is licensed by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. She is also, a member of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants.

“I am extremely honored to be offering cosmetic services at our London location,” Moghadamian said, “The drive to Lexington has always been difficult for patients and I am glad we can help better serve London, Kentucky and its surrounding areas.”

Moghadamian received a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Missouri, where she majored in Biological Sciences. Then she earned her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Kentucky. Outside of work, Moghadamian enjoys attending the University of Kentucky football games as well as cooking a variety of foods for her family.

Cosmetic Services available in the London Office

    • Liposuctionremoves unwanted deposits of excess fat to improve body appearance and to smooth irregular or distorted body shapes.
    • Halo –  helps build collagen and targets wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage & so much more
    • DiVavaginal rejuvenation that assists in urinary incontinence, vaginal health, & helps relieve menopause symptoms
    • Broad Band Light (BBL) a laser that reduces fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots,
    • Laser Hair Removal – remove unwanted hair on face and body
    • SkinTyte to tighten loose skin on a person’s face, neck, and body
    • Earlobe Repair – repair damage or stretched  earlobes
    • Botox & Dysport targets wrinkles & lines on forehead & crows feet
    • Fillers enhances lips, fills in wrinkles, smile lines, & cheeks

About Kentucky Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists

For over 30 years, Kentucky Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists has served Central Kentucky’s skincare needs, becoming leaders in the region.  With over 130 years of combined skincare experience in dermatology and cosmetics, we are able to offer a unique insight far above the traditional medical spas & dermatology clinics. Offering our patients the latest, safest, most advanced treatments available on the market, creating – The Real Skincare Experience. Office locations in Lexington (HQ), London, & Richmond, Kentucky.


London, Kentucky Office Location:

1750 W. Highway 192
London, KY 40744

Toll Free: 800-432-9005