Say Goodbye to Varicose Veins with VNUS Closure Procedure at Kentucky Dermatology

Do you suffer from varicose veins, leg swelling or pain? You are not alone. More than 30 million Americans suffer from venous disease, according to the Society for Vascular Surgery.  While Common Venous Insufficiency (CVI) can happen at any point in our lives, increased age can often have serious risks. CVI is also more prevalent in women who have been pregnant, genetics, or those who work jobs that require extensive amounts of standing. This condition develops when the valves that keep blood flowing out of the legs and back to the heart become damaged or diseased.

If left untreated, there are serious risks involved that can worsen over time. Some symptoms can include skin color/texture changes, and venous ulcers. Don’t suffer in silence! Our providers here at Kentucky Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists in our Lexington, London, & Richmond, KY offices are here to help! 

Treating Varicose Veins

The VNUS closure procedure is performed in our office-based surgery suites, and our experienced physicians will preform the treatment by placing the Closure into the diseased vein through a small opening in the skin. The very small catheter powered by radio-frequency energy delivers heat to the vein wall, causing the vein wall to shrink and then vein is sealed closed. Once the vein is closed, normal blood flow continues to other healthy veins. This procedure is a minimally invasive alternative to painful vein stripping surgery.

Before & After VNUS Closure Procedure

VNUS Closure

The Closure procedure results in phenomenal cosmetic outcome with little to no scarring, bruising or swelling.

Before & After VNUS Closure Procedure 

Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: Patients report feeling little, if any, pain during and after the procedure.

Q: How soon will my symptoms improve?

A: Most patients notice their pain, leg heaviness & fatigue symptoms to immediately be relieved. The full benefits may take 1-2 weeks.

Q: Is the Closure procedure covered by insurance?

A: Most major health insurers cover this procedure. Our physicians will happily discuss your coverage during your appointment.


If you feel like you may be a candidate for this procedure, our experienced Physicians can determine if superficial venous reflux is present and form the perfect treatment plan for your needs. Most insurance plans cover the VNUS Closure procedure.