Buyer Beware: Skincare Treatments at Medical Spa vs. Dermatologist

medical spa

When you’re in the market for glamping up your look, pampering medical spas (medispas) can be tempting compared to the clinical setting of a dermatologist’s office. There are a bunch of pop-up medispas that are glorified nail salons that are now specializing in skincare treatments, which is the first red flag to watch out for. As with any purchase, especially in regards to your skin because it’s the only one you’ve got, make sure to do your research, then decide. We understand that when you’re looking to get aesthetic treatments, you want the latest procedure and customer care, and shouldn’t have to risk their skin care process while doing so.

What’s The Difference Between a MediSpa and Dermatologist?

Medical spas (MediSpa for short) have quickly become a treatment room that performs skin treatments that can be seen in the storefront of a mall to even a quick pampering on a cruise ship. Essentially, you can get your Botox treatment the same time as you get your mani-pedi. Although these shops are supposed to have a doctor on site, that can sometimes be far from the truth. They may have an affiliated doctor on-site overseeing the procedures, but they may just be lending to their name and certifications to the business solely for the sake of the business. There is currently no national standard or laws that are prohibiting the misleading information that medispas release to reel in customers, which makes it hard to know which ones are good and which ones you should avoid like the plague.

KDCS isn’t a pop-up clinic; we are dermatologists with decades of experience and a professional staff that possesses the integrity and knowledge needed to accurately assess each individual situation, and the accredited skill to properly perform the services you need. Here at Kentucky Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists, we are an accredited office-based surgery center, and our dermatologists are board certified. We combine expert care, cutting-edge technology and continuous education and training with a pure motive to provide reasonable and responsible treatments to meet your skincare needs. Kentucky Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists knows the skin you’re in is the only one you’ve got – and we will never recommend something that isn’t right for you. While Medical Spas have estheticians that hold two-year certifications performing the treatments, our dermatologists attend college and medical school so we have more years of advanced education and medical training under our belts.

Pro tip: Before letting these establishments touch your skin, make sure to get a list of their credentials! It’s always good to know who is performing the procedure, their experience, and the physician’s role.

Avoid the frightening reality of pop-up medispas making a mistake to the only skin you’ve got and come and visit us at Kentucky Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists, to ensure proper skincare with Board-Certified Dermatologists! We are at the forefront of Kentucky’s skincare to provide the newest, safest and most effective treatments to alleviate skin concerns and conditions, resulting in skin that not only looks healthy, but is. We take great pride in our experience because it is earned and symbolizes our passion for the continued work we do, as well as sets the bar high for the service we provide.