The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Youthful Looking Skin

As we age, we are in a constant battle with our skin to fight any sign of getting older. Whether it be fine lines, sun spots, or those lines around your mouth that make you appear like a marionette doll, we always wish we could get back our beautiful, youthful looking skin. A very popular question people ask when they come and see us is always “What advice do you have to prevent signs of aging?”

While we can’t reverse time, we can slow down the ticking clock that time has done to our skin, and even attempt to plump, smooth, and even-out our faces, to get back to our younger looking selves. In fact, we love when our patients bring in old photos of their younger-self so that we can help them get back to that stage! One of the main things that our skin loses as we age is Collagen. A decrease in collagen production causes the skin to lose its firmness and also allows the skin to start stretching, which causes wrinkles. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable part of the aging process, but there are many different treatments to help battle collagen loss. First and foremost, a good skincare regimen is the key to having younger looking skin.

Top 3 Doctor Recommended Skin Care Products

*All physician-grade skin care products can be purchased in our Lexington, KY office*

TNS Recovery Complex, SkinMedica ($179.50)

This is our holy-grail skin care product! Not only does it help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also helps enhance skin tone, texture, and firmness. The key ingredient in this product is a human growth factor, which assists in cell turnover. When combined with a great skincare routine and treatments, TNS is the perfect complex to accelerate skin care goals.

EltaMD Sunscreen ($36)

Keep it by your toothbrush. As redundant as it seems, protecting your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays by wearing sunscreen is one of THE most important things to keeping skin looking youthful. This has been preached for years and years. But why? Ninety percent of age related cosmetic changes are directly caused by sun damage.

Retinol ($60-$95)

Using a nightly retinol topically is an essential product to stimulate collagen as well as epidermal hyperplasia which can help with fine lines that cause a more aged appearance. There are prescription options as well as medical-grade skin care products such as SkinMedica (our go-to) that are available.

Although having a great skin care regimen is key to keeping your skin looking youthful when combined with treatments you can take “years” off of your age when the right provider is performing your procedure. If the damage has already been done (or if you’re trying to stop it from happening) and you are looking to regain your soft, smooth, healthy appearing skin, we recommend a few procedures that can regain smooth, healthy looking skin.

Top Recommended Procedures to Help Achieve Youthful Looking Skin

Botox/Dysport ($225-$1,000; dependent on units needed)

botox or dysport

Neurotoxins are currently the most popular, non-invasive treatment on the market and it’s no surprise because of the wonders that it does! Botox and Dysport are the tried and true treatments to relax your muscles where you form facial expressions that cause wrinkles. Neurotoxins (Botox or Dysport) can be used on anyone – whether it be a millennial that is being preventative or even someone in their 60’s who wants to relax some wrinkles.

Resurfacing Lasers ($350-$4,000+ depending on area)

resurfacing lasers

  •   Profractional:

Used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and skin discolorations. Although it isn’t as ablative as FFR or Co2, it does a phenomenal job at resurfacing the skin, without the downtime that the deeper lasers have.

           For more aggressive results- If you have deep lines and dark sunspots, a deeper laser that can resurface all              of those lines would be ideal.

  •          Full-Field-Resurfacing:

This is a deep laser treatment that removes 100% of the superficial layer of the skin, and once healed, can significantly help eliminate those signs of aging and is great for removing acne scarring.

  •           Co2 Resurfacing: This laser is designed to remove superficial wrinkles around the eyes, lips,

This laser is designed to remove superficial wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead, and cheeks seen in aging skin. Patients with facial scars and sun damaged skin are also excellent candidates for this laser treatment.

Fillers ($575-$1,000; dependent on vials needed)


There are various different types of injectable fillers that can be used for multiple different reasons such as lips, lines around the lips, marionette (doll face) lines, and also the cheeks. One of our favorite fillers that help replenish collagen is Sculptra, which helps build up the lost volume in the cheeks.

BroadBandLight Sunspot Treatment ($150-$750; depending on area)BBL BroadBandLight

Some patients that we see aren’t as concerned with their texture but more so about their complexion. Sun exposure in unavoidable and unless you grew up with a parent that works in dermatology, you probably have sun spots. BBL laser can remove years of sun spots and with a series of treatments, your complexion can be nearly spot free!

Just remember to be good to your skin – you’ll wear it for the rest of your life! Here at Kentucky Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists, we know the skin you’re in is the only one you’ve got and we will never recommend something that isn’t right for you. Our goal is for patients to feel healthy and beautiful in their own skin, regardless of their age. We ensure patients have clear expectations and receive all the information they need to make the best decisions. We are happy to offer all of our patient’s complimentary consultations, to help you look and feel your best in the mirror, not only today, but also tomorrow.