Everything You Would Ever Need to Know About Blood Facials

blood facial

When “blood facials” first come to mind, you may be thinking of the scariest aspect of what blood is typically associated with – needles, pain, etc… But it’s not Halloween, and we will never make any treatment scary for you – EVER! While blood is usually a term that doesn’t sound pleasant, blood facials are everything but unpleasant. Our dermatological expert, Ragan Davies, APRN, explains everything you would ever need to know about blood facials, and what the treatment can actually do for you; all bloody stereotypes aside.

Blood facials are a skin treatment that can stimulate long-term improvement in pore size, wrinkles, complexion, and acne. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Bar Rafieli, Ben Stiller, Ryan Seacrest, etc… have sworn by this treatment since it first emerged in the aesthetic market and we are not surprised! Using a tool called microneedling, we can create microscopic controlled abrasions to the skin that stimulate collagen over time and allow topical medication and growth factors like PRP (platelet-rich plasma, which is found in your own body) be more readily absorbed into the skin. As mentioned before, the blood facial can also be combined with your bodies own PRP to drastically improve results for a more even complexion and texture, an improvement in fine lines, pore size reduction, pigmentation reduction and acne resolution. In order to use your PRP in conjunction with the treatment, we extract your own blood and spin it down in a special centrifuge to separate your blood plasma from your red blood cells. Although the PRP is not always included with the microneedling, when combined you will get the biggest improvement. We recommend that if you do opt-out of the PRP with microneedling, that you get 3-6 treatments throughout the year for the best improvement in your skin, since there won’t be any regenerative plasma boost.

Ashley Hargrove, model and fashion blogger, has awesome visuals + treatment photos below that do a great job at giving you an idea of what PRP and Microneedling treatments are like, from start to finish!



What to Expect AFTER the Treatment?

Right after the treatment, your skin will look moderately red, such as a light sunburn. Our cosmetic specialist’s team of skincare experts will recommend a skincare regimen based on your skin type and your treatment to ensure that you get the best results. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you can expect bruising, swelling and tenderness for up to one week after your treatment, but it will quickly subside to reveal your rejuvenated skin!

WHY Cosmetic Specialists?

Cosmetic specialists are the region’s most experienced medical practice leading Kentucky’s path in cosmetic treatments with a “connect-first” patient experience second to none. Because we know the skin you’re in is the only one you’ve got, we will never recommend something that isn’t right for you. We have performed over 67K treatments in our Cosmetic office alone, making us the most experienced practice for all of your cosmetic skin care needs in Lexington.