Bacterial Infections



Bacterial infections of the skin are quite common and can occur in various degrees of severity. While the skin has amazing ability to combat infection, once the skin is no longer intact infections become common. This may be a superficial infection usually treated with topical antibiotic creams or may be a very severe infection extending into muscle and bone. In more severe cases, bacterial cultures need to be taken to determine the type of infection and the best antibiotic to treat it.

Impetigo recurs frequently in children and can spread to larger areas within a few hours. It appears as yellow crusting lesions which are tender and painful. This infection requires quick treatment to prevent progression.

abscessesCellulitis is a deeper infection which appears as a hot swollen area with fever and pain. Cellulitis can be accompanied by abscess and will require surgical drainage. Large abscesses occurring in areas of cyst formation are quite painful and usually require a longer course of antibiotics. In the latter case, surgical drainage is sometimes recommended. The dermatology professionals at Kentucky Dermatology can evaluate your skin lesions and determined if there is a likelihood of bacterial infection and if so, obtain bacterial cultures and start appropriate antibiotic therapy.


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