Warts are a common skin problem and are caused by a virus. Many people get them by coming in contact with someone else who has one. You can also develop them by touching something that has come in contact with another person’s wart such as a gym floor or towel. They usually develop on the fingers, hands, and feet but can also infect other areas on the body such as the legs, arms, and face.

Warts are unpredictable and while they may clear on their own with time, they may also multiply and steadily grow larger and larger. When they are painful and bothersome, they require treatment.

How to Treat Warts.

Treatment options at Kentucky Dermatology include “freezing” with liquid nitrogen. This process is called cryotherapy or laser treatment, which is a much more precise and effective treatment. Your dermatology professional at Kentucky Dermatology will discuss the options with you and recommend a treatment plan with consideration to the size and location. They may require more than one treatment to fully eradicate the virus.

To get rid of your warts schedule an appointment at our offices in Lexington, Richmond, and London, Kentucky.